The Word Of The Day Is “Impossible”?

The Word Of The Day Is “Impossible”

Most people read the word “Impossible” and they immediately think of not being able to freely accomplish tasks and projects.

Some people associate the word “impossible” with anything that cannot be stopped by an immovable force or item.

However many also think there is no way in the world they can be considered worthy for something they desire.

But, when I read the word Impossible, I flip it…. I change it into the words “I’m Possible”.

Here’s what comes to me when I think of the words “I’m possible” in the context of leaving a permanent legacy, particularly if you want to live with bulletproof passion:

  • It helps you to be mindful or to remember that you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to.
  • It can give you awareness of the simple fact that you are worth it.
  • It wakes you up to the fact that you are created in the image of an amazing creator.
  • It empowers you to think rationally about your thought process.
  • It motivates you to take off towards your goals.

Here’s the big takeaway:

It has the potential to help you see your abilities and contributions in this generation, no matter what age, or stage you are in life.

Here’s how you can put all this into action:

  • Write down a scary goal that you would like to accomplish.
  • Find out the importance of it…find your why.
  • Ask yourself “why not go for it?”
  • Set course to make it happen with the mindset “I’m possible”..

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