Brave Up: How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Shine On-Camera

Brave Up!!!

When the average person hears the word Brave, they might think of someone who is courageous and willing to take risks.


When coaches struggling to speak confidently on camera hear the word "Brave," they think of having the courage to face the camera and speak their truth.


Coaches struggling to speak confidently on camera may think of Brave as a way to push themselves out of their comfort zone and take control of their presentation. 


Brave could mean facing the fear and stepping up to the challenge of delivering a great presentation on-camera. It could also mean understanding that with practice and preparation, they can shine and present with confidence.


With the word Brave, they may also be tempted  to think of the fear of failure, the difficulty of overcoming the anxiety associated with public speaking, and the potential of being judged harshly.

Having courage can help you excel in your speaking on camera, whether it be for an online or offline presentation.


  1. Be Prepared: Preparation is key for any presentation, so make sure that you are well prepared and have all the facts and information you need to make your presentation successful. 


  1. Create an Engaging and Positive Atmosphere: Presentations are more effective when people feel engaged and comfortable. Make sure to create an atmosphere of positivity and enthusiasm so that your audience is more likely to respond positively to your message.


  1. Remember to Smile: Nothing is more intimidating than a presenter who looks like they are about to face a firing squad. Smiling helps to put people at ease and shows your audience that you are confident and comfortable with what you are presenting.


Here's the bottom line:


The word "Brave" is an essential tool for all coaches looking to build their confidence and deliver stunning camera presentations with poise and professionalism.


If you want to crush any online or offline camera presentation like a star, now is the time to be brave! Don't let fear of failure or self-doubt hold you back. Get your copy of "Speak Confidently On Camera" and take the first step to becoming the coach you were meant to be. Don't miss out - order your copy now Here.