The Crucial Role of “Process” for Confident Coaches on Camera

The Crucial Role of "Process" for Confident Coaches on Camera

When the average person hears the word "process" they might think of a series of steps or actions that lead to a specific outcome or result.

When coaches struggling to speak confidently on camera hear the word "process," they may think of a systematic approach to improving their communication skills. They may see it as a positive step towards becoming an exceptional communicator, as it implies a structured and intentional way to achieve their goals. The word "process" may also give them a sense of hope and empowerment, as it suggests that there is a way to address their challenges and make tangible progress in their communication abilities.


But let’s keep it real….. they may also think of the daunting and costly investment of time, and money required to develop effective communication skills. 


They may also be discouraged by the slow and tedious process of practicing and refining their communication techniques. Additionally, the pressure to quickly see results may lead them to overlook the importance of mastering the foundational elements of effective communication.


Process isn't my favorite word, however as an artist it has served me well over 36 years. 

Rehearsing my dance moves, vocals, and presence for hours at a time, even after midnight. I look back and can now say I am a master of my craft. I can look back on my performances and be proud, because the process served me well. The idea of getting better inspires me. And this is one of the things that motivates me to coach individuals and groups on their communication on camera and stage. 


Here is the thing…

People are eager to achieve the result and avoid the process. Real growth is not possible without the process, especially if you seek to transform your communication skills and become an exceptional communicator.


  1. Preparation is key: Before stepping in front of the camera, take the time to prepare what you are going to say. This could involve scripting out your main points, creating bullet points to guide your discussion, or practicing your delivery in front of a mirror. By being prepared, you will feel more confident on camera.


  1. Harness the power of visualization: Visualizing yourself speaking confidently and effectively on camera can have a powerful impact on your actual performance. Before recording, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself delivering your message with confidence and authority. This can help alleviate any nerves and boost your on-camera presence.


  1. Embrace authenticity: One of the most effective ways to communicate confidently on camera is by being your authentic self. Authenticity resonates with your audience and allows you to speak from a place of genuine belief and passion. Embrace your unique voice and perspective, and let it shine through in your communication.


Here's the big takeaway:


The word "Process" is important for coaches struggling to speak confidently on camera because it provides the framework for developing and improving communication skills, ultimately leading to becoming an exceptional communicator.


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