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Speak Confidently On Camera

Avoid These 12 Critical Mistakes And Be The Coach You Were Meant To Be

Speak Confidently On Camera is the essential guide for coaches who want to become successful video communicators. Written by Carl Alleyne, a professional video coach with over 33 years of experience in the industry, this book provides detailed advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes made on camera and become an effective video coach. Learn to confidently present yourself, your message, and your brand on camera with helpful advice on how to properly edit, light, and frame your videos. Get tips on how to create engaging content, use the right equipment, and stay motivated. Plus, learn how to be a better video communicator with practical advice on body language, vocal techniques, and storytelling. With Speak Confidently On Camera, you can become the coach you were meant to be.

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With Speak Confidently On Camera, you will:

  • Unleash Your Inner Coach on Camera and Connect with Your Audience
  • Rock your next online or offline camera presentation
  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes that might otherwise cost you the presentation


Monte Armstrong
Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2023
Carl's background in the entertainment industry has given him a holistic view of today's video orientated society. He brings techniques and ideas from a multitude of speaking scenarios and has found the common ground amongst them all. Identifying the foundation of mistakes that carry across platforms, he reveals simple and doable approaches to becoming more confident when in front of any camera or speaking to any audience.

I love how he breaks down each mistake I've already been making and gives suggestions on how to avoid or correct them. Plus he advises his #1 recommendation on avoiding the mistake in the first place.

This book has provided me a resource I can use repeatedly to help improve my on camera experience. I highly recommend it to anyone speaking in front of people, regardless if it's a recorded video, live stream, or live audience. Even seasoned speakers can freshen up their skills by perusing this book.

The more I read this book, the more I realize that these concepts apply to communicating across the board. The title suggests these tips help you become confident speaking on camera, but the truth is, these strategies help you speak to people.

Whether you are talking to those people live, via streaming, recorded replay, face to face, in a group, or however you are trying to communicate with other Humans, this book can help you become more confident when speaking to them.
Anza Goodbar
Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2023
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Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2023


More About the Author

Meet Carl Alleyne, the go-to coach for anyone looking to confidently speak and present on camera. As the author of "Speak Confidently On Camera: Avoid These 12 Critical Mistakes And Be The Coach You Were Meant To Be", his 33 years of experience as a performer, talent agent for triple threats, and co-founder of Confident Video Star Nation make him uniquely qualified to help you. With a client list that includes Brooke Shields, Brendan Fraser, and Ken Jeong, Carl has the skills and expertise to help you too. With 18 years of experience in online marketing and a built audience of 35,000 students through his dance and movement coaching, Carl is the perfect coach to help you boldly move beyond your fear of speaking on camera. Take doable steps to overcome your fear of speaking on camera with confidence by reading his book and joining him on social media. Say goodbye to fear and hello to confident presenting with Carl Alleyne by your side.


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